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Name:Beckett Christopher Arden
Birthdate:Jun 3
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Beckett Christopher Arden was born in New York City, and raised there his whole life. He grew up with best friend Flynn Hunter from the time they were 7 years old, when Flynn moved to New York and started going to Beckett’s school. They grew up together in the same schools, and spent most of their time together any time they had the chance.

As they grew up, Beck began to develop real feelings for his best friend. Both of the boys were bi, and there was definitely some early experimentation there, but Flynn was never the settling down for monogamy type. There was love between the two of them, but it was never going to develop beyond that -- not when Beckett was in a daydream world of imagining himself and Flynn as husbands with a house and the whole white picket fences cliche. Flynn had come into his own very much as a promiscuous sort, happily floating from one lover to another, and even becoming a stripper before it was even technically legal for him to do so. Flynn wasn’t the husband type, and he certainly wasn’t the monogamy type. The closest he ever came to having a family was giving his jizz to a lesbian couple to make a baby… a baby boy that Beck has always found himself wondering about -- wondering if he has Flynn’s stunning green eyes.

As the years passed, Beckett accepted the fact that, the future he dreamed of wasn’t meant to be, and he moved forward with career plans, quickly finding his way into the casual dating scene. He wasn’t unhappy with it, but he knew that his feelings for Flynn weren’t going away anytime soon, and he never wanted to commit to someone knowing that his heart was somewhere else. Beckett was never the sort to pine away after Flynn, though. He carried on, content and happy with his life, especially as he began to create a business of his own.

He left New York right out of grad school to move to Los Angeles and begin a marketing firm of his own after several years working in the City with well-known firms there, and used his networking skills to give a much needed boost to new, up-and-coming fashion labels who needed that extra push. He has worked with some of the best known models and fashion magazines in the business, and has been honored to work several times with FABULOUS (and both Tristan Hewitt’s and Paris Hart’s cocks and asses) more than once over the years.

Life in LA is pretty fucking fabulous itself, but when he and Flynn are apart, they don’t stay in touch as much as he might like… Flynn lives in the moment… in the time and place where he is. He doesn’t make an extra effort to keep in touch, but the love has never been lost between them. Which is why, when a voicemail left from Flynn’s number in a panicked voice finds its way to Beck’s phone, he decides to make his already planned trip to New York early.
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